(English sub) PPPE-062 – Three days of training her sister to be a meat masturbator while she was on a trip with her friends and she was getting attached to me – Karen YUZURIHA



Code: PPPE-062
Director: Asagiri Jou
Label: PPPE
Tags: , , , , ,

Yudzuru has a girlfriend, but his feelings begin to change when he started to suspect that she is planning a trip with another guy.

He begins to get insecure and paranoid and concludes that if he’s going to get cheated, he should cheat too. That’s when he began to take seriously his girlfriend’s little sister: Karen.

She is a very bubbly, pretty, and horny young girl who is also very receptive. As Yudzuru notices that she will do anything. Their escalation begins and they do all kinds of stuff with blindfolds, shackles, creampies, and whatnot.

This was a really well-done movie with a good story, good acting, good angles, and Karen fucking like a machine.

Just so good.


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